Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jiu Fen, Taipei ( 台灣九份之游 )

Jiu Fen is a nice, wet and cold place. There was a famous street called 九份老街, full with local snacks and souvenir. Houses were built on the hill and formed a beautiful scenery, especially during sunset. This place is famous with "Yu Ni"(芋圓 ) - local dessert which served in hot or cold.

View from the top of Jiu Fen

My friends - Sy Jinn, Nicole and I went to the very first tea house in Jiu Fen called 九份茶坊. According to the waitress, the owner of this tea house is an artist. We ordered a kind of flower tea which cost TWD1000. Wow! I know it was quite cosy, but the environment is so comfortable. It's a good place for reading and chatting with friends. If you are a good looking guy, you can even get to know some pretty Japanese girls over here! :D

Corner in Tea house

Enjoyed with the tea ...

Tea pot set

Pot used to boil water

Environment in Tea House

Tea Leaves container

Perhaps a glass of beer over here?

Japanese style table design with Tea set

Sy Jinn, Nicole and .... who else! ;-)

Street in Jiu Fen

Recognize the mask on the most left? It was a character in anime - 千與千尋

My favourite dishes in Ju Rong - place near Jiu Fen, called 鼎邊挫

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roachz said...

Hello!! Nice blog and pics!

nic said...

i like the place for chinese tea.. :) thks for the great time :)