Sunday, October 28, 2007

I had been to heaven ...

Heaven? Yes, heaven. I was drowned in the heaven of food - Ipoh and Penang.
Gosh....I miss the food so much. As planned, I went to Penang (my last visit was 2 years ago) and will dropped by Ipoh for some treat with Xx.

Ipoh? Sure i will eat dim sum la. Normally, i will go to Fushan Restaurant. But, this time, I went to Ming Court which was fully recommended by all my Ipoh-ian friends. Thanks for my friend with his simple but useful simple guidance to Ming Court.

Do me a favour ... Pay it for me! :D

Variety of Dim Sum ... Enjoy! and watch out your saliva

This one is my favourite ... Char Siew Pao

How can i hold when all these dim sum in front of me?

Fried Har Kuen - some kind of Shrimp roll

Penang is famous with "Asam Laksa", like the picture show below. I personally love the way they made in Penang. The soup and fish meat mixed evenly and taste good with mint leaves. Wow! I feel like to eat it again right now. :D

"Ambra" Juice with Plum

Penang "LoBak"

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sw said...

i miss ipoh dim sum... especially har kuen cause can't find it here..