Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Taiwan DS Hospital Restaurant

On the first day of my fifth business trip to Taiwan, I discovered this new concept restaurant located in the North of HsinChu, called DS Hospital Restaurant. This restaurant only operated from 6pm - midnight. Wilson and I decided to give it a try on it and experience the feeling served by "Nurse" because all of the waiter/waitress here are wearing nurse uniform. Wow!

DS Hospital Restaurant
"Registration" counter

Inside the restaurant, there is one sweet and cute nurse waiting for us for registration, called Xiao Mi. After confirmed with our reservation, we were guided to our mini table by another nurse. Anything special? Trust me, what ever thing you can see from hospital, they got it here.

I was shocked when i got their menu, especially in the beverage section. There are a lot of cute medicine (beverage) to drink, for example Panadol, Vitamin A,B,C, RU-486, etc. Beside, some tables design is a operation bed. Yes, customer is actually eating, drinking on top of a operation bed. This shop is partitioned into a few portion with named intensive care room, pharmacy and ... guess what, they named the toilet as emergency room !! :D

Environment of the shop with lights on

Environment of the shop with lights off

Pay attention on the wall decoration. You might need it after your meal!

Special treatment room


Beverages ... Oh my god, i'm drinking medicine

My smiling face while "donating" my blood (craberries juice)

Oh no, he is serving my "blood"

Dinner - Fried prawn, Chicken with Orange sauce and vegetable

Tools that served you better ...

Injection ... That's what i scared with ... No No No ...

Eye tester board? Trolly to carry operation tools? Wheel chair?

Performances by part-time singer ... not a good singer :(

Special treat by the restaurant ... What do you think it looks like? (Peach ice)

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nic said...

wow.. that really coollll.. hehehe wat a funny restaurant.. i must visit when I'm back to taiwan again.. ehehhehe

nic said...

cshotz, i think wilson must be busy buaya tw mei mei over there lerh ehehehhe...

CShotz said...

yupe, you got the point, nic. Wilson is busy buaya-ing nurse over there! =)

Indeed this is an unique restaurant. But i don't really like the food over there. Nothing special. =(

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