Monday, November 05, 2007

Bossini sales ...

Well well well ... November is autumn-Winter sales in Taiwan, and i don't want to miss it. Wahaha ... Just want to share what i got for myself and also Xx from Bossini. :) Don't be jealous.

I got myself a jacket which can be used during autumn and winter. I'm actually looking for a jacket which can keep me warm, and, can be use in Malaysia at the same time. Quite hard huh ... But I got this finally. I bought this silver 2-layer detachable jacket with only TWD1100 after 50% discount. There are also other colour such as dirty-green, black, grey and sky-blue.

Ps. Yo! Do I look like a model for Bossini? =D Hehe! What you think?

Inner Layer (Thick warm cloth)
Outer Layer (wind-breaker)

Closer look. Muaks ... Love it!

Gift for Xx ...

Cloth that my colleague bought. Wonder Xx like this turtle neck or not?

CShotz --<<@>>-- 4 Nov 07 --<<@>>-- CShotz

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