Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Taiwan SCB 2007 Family Day at 北埔

I had attended Taiwan SCB 2007 Family day in BeiPu (北埔) where all SCB staff from north to south, east to west will be gathered over here. This year Family day was held in "Green World" (綠的世界).

I believe there are more than 1800 staff crowded over here and this is my ever first experience from the first day i join this company. And, frankly speaking, Malaysia will never ever have such big event. Here are some photos to share with you ...

CShotz --<<@>>-- 3 Nov 07 --<<@>>-- CShotz


eingenel said...

This is what I miss in Scope. We don't have activities like these here in NZ.... waaaah, I heard that Eggie's team also won the dance contest thingy, right!

CShotz said...

Yeah, Eggie team won in the Jawanese dance during the annual dinner. Oh ya, the photo i took above is Taiwan SCB event. In Malaysia? I don't think they will be invite any Taiwanese singer as performer. Heheh!