Friday, December 14, 2007

Taiwan working House (生活工廠)

It's shopping time again in Taiwan!! I went to a shop called working House (生活工廠) nearby in HsinChu. I was attracted by some of the items sold here. It was cute, cheap and the most important thing is ... hardly to get in M'sia. Hehe! :) These stuff are really nice and finely made. And, these items going to beautify my new house ...

- Full Loaded mini Shopping cart (TWD299) -
I'm still yet to know where to place in my coming new home. he!

- Water plantation glass with Stand steel holder (TWD120) -

- Another type of glasses for Water plant (TWD200) -

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eingenel said...

I have the exact same thing - a mini shopping cart.. oh, wait, mine is red though and Ronnel told me off for buying it because it has no use at all! haha.

CShotz said...

Yeah, I love that mini shopping cart a lot. You can just put the wine bottle and some can drinks on it. Believe me, it is worth to buy and i believe everybody will love this when they saw it. :D

Snix said...

Someone can tell me how can I find the website of this shop in English???

Thanks a lot!