Sunday, January 20, 2008

Delicious by Ms Read (One Utama)

Well, to celebrate my friend - Shin Tean's 2* th birthday, we decided to have a simple dinner in the restaurant which served good food and nice cake - Ms. Read's Delicious Cafe. Smart Xx come out with this idea to Delicious after our last visit a couple of years ago (i think so ...). For me, this is my 2nd visit, quite impress with their restaurant design.

One thing i don't like is the behaviour of staff in this restaurant. While they are taking order, they will showed unhappy and frowned face. I wonder is this because of their low paid salary?? Hahaha ....

Ms Read Delicious Glass with coaster

Delicious Table Design - heard that this design won themselves some awards

Environment in Delicious is cool, comfort. Xx personally love the big comfort pillow a lot.

My dear, Xx - Angel fallen from sky

My favourite - Dual Layer Ice Latte with fructose

Yummy Beef minced Spaghetti & Brinjal Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce

Forgot about the name... Fried Chicken with Green sauce served with Patatoes

I ordered Beef minced Spaghetti and here is the result ... Sign of my satisfaction

Different type of Pie ... yummy!

Braised Lambshank Pie? Wow ... must try it out someday

Cake, Cakes and more cakes... Will try them out some other days and share with you guys

Friends gathering ...

Xx favourite - Carrot Cake. I will come back for it here again ... because it was D*mn nice!

Delicious by Ms Read Cafe
One Utama Phase II
G316 Bandar Utama,
60000 Kuala Lumpur

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