Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's lunch time! Today i don't feel like to order any lunch box due to LOO Decease - "Lunch Order Overdose Decease". Wahaha! Here you go, this is a the triangle shape Rice Roll i bought from 7-eleven nearby office.

Although it small, but, trust me ... it's really filling. And 2 triangle rice roll (Pork Mince and Egg Mayonese) and a cup of latte the lunch i decided to take today. Yeah! I'm so happy ...

Pork Minced Triangle Rice Roll = TWD 23
Pork Minced Triangle Rice Roll = TWD 15
A cup of Latte (Large) = TWD 50

Front view of Triangle of Pork Mince Rice Roll

Different angle

This picture makes me hungry again ... Wah!!


Lolita_chan said...

Oh wow! Onigiri rice triangle!!

I love the pictures on your blog ^_^

CShotz said...

Thanks Lolita. Oo...oo... Now only i know that rice roll called "Onigiri rice Triangle". 10s. :)