Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Backpacking to Cambodia_Part I - Local Cuisine

Wow, I just can't wait to share with you on some of nice, but weird, Cambodia Cuisine. Majority of their food is good, fantastic and yummy, but some times you will shout "Eeee......".

1. French Bread with Minced Port cooked with coconut sauce & Vietnam Coffee
Comment: Oh gosh...Just can't wait to take another bit. So far, this is the best breakfast i ever had.

2. BBQ Snake ...
Comment: Eee.... Taste salty and Snakey. I only manage to take a bit. That's it!

3. Pork Noodle with Vietnam Coffee
Comment: Almost similar taste with MY style Pork noodle ... Not bad.

4. Amok Fish (Coconut curry with fish meat)
Comment: Amok is a famous local cuisine in Cambodia. They cooked it with coconut, peanut, some local spice, ... It served with pork meat also. But i prefer fish since i have "Luc-Lac" already.

5. Fish Omelet, Cold vegetable, Luc-Lac, Steamed Shrimp
Comment: I love the fresh cold vegetable (green crunchy tomatoes & cucumber) which served together with the Omelet. There was fish meat inside the omelete. Can't you imagine, my friend and I finished the whole plate of shrimp. Hehe! :D

6. Luc-Lac (Local style Fried Beef)
Comment: Besides Amok, this is another dish recommended by Xx. I think this is a must try dish because she seldom giving good comment on Beef related dish. "This one ... Ho Jiak" I shouted to my friends. The waitress teached us to eat it with the spicy salt (2nd small plate in front of the rice). It tastes even fantastic!

I personally really impressed with their cooking style, they can make a simple thing into an unpredictable, unexpected taste ... :D I heard that I can get nicer food in Vietnam. I'm looking forward on my next trip to Vietnam...

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