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Backpacking to Cambodia_Part II - Place of Interest

Mission this time: Cambodia (25th - 31st July 2007)
Phnom Penh - Seam Reap - Sihanoukville (South of Cambodia)

- Phnom Penh -
Chris, Shuh Min and I had arrived Phnom Penh International Airport slightly earlier. I'm glad that AirAsia doing great job this time. Here, you don't really need to worry on the safety issue. It's quite safe. And, the only thing required in here is ... US Dollar. I guess this place also known as "liquor heaven". Beer, wine, cigarette, ... are very cheap over here. Can you imagine a can of Asahi cost only USD0.45. Wow!! Happy :D

US Dollar ... Can you guess the total amount of this stack of cash?

It's no longer in the market between Coke or Pepsi here. It's all about Beer ...

I personally don't really enjoy the life in Phnom Penh compare with Seam Reap & Sihanoukville because this place is too crowded and it's full of busy night life. Due to tight schedule, i only manage to overnight 1 day before travelled north to Seam Reap.

PP Independent Monument located right in the middle of the city

Phnom Penh Independent Monument

- Seam Reap, Tonle Sap Lake -
Tonle Sap Lake is the largest Fresh water lake in South East Asia. After 4.5 hours bus travelling to Seam Reap, we managed to get ourself tour guide which can speak fluent in Chinese with quite reasonable rate. After discussed with the guide on our planned itinerary, my friends and I decided to visit Tonle Sap Lake for our very first Sunset in Cambodia. This place is very special. You can see Cambodians' floating house are sitting on the left side of the lake; and, Vietnamese are on the right.

Floating house in Tonle Sap Lake

Place to buy souvenir, coconut drink and also enjoy sunset on Tonle Sap Lake

On our way back after sunset - picture of Chris and Tour guide

Sunset in Tonle Sap Lake

- Angkor Wat Temple, Seam Reap -
Whiu ... Finally, I arrived Angkor Wat - one of the world heritage of 2007 World 7 Wonders.
The view in Angkor Wat temple was magnificient. Can't believe i spent almost 2.5 hours in this building. It was so HUGE! Enjoy the photo below i took with my babe. :D

Angkor Wat Temple Reflection from the lake

Carving on the wall is so deep and clear.

Corridor that full of Wall Carving, it's magnificient!

Stone Carving on the window

I wonder how much time they spent for this carving? It's so details

Chris, Shuh Min and me on the top floor of Angkor Wat Temple

Cambodian praying moment in Angkor Wat Temple

- Ta Promh Temple, Seam Reap -
This is another famous temple after Angkor Wat. One of the scene for movie "Tomb Raider: The cradle of life" was took also taken from Ta Promh Temple. Ta Promh is an unforgettable temple due to its massive tree spread around the temple. Some of it was growth on top on the building itself.

I still looks very short even i step on the root of this tree ... It's really Massive!

The beauty between man-made and mother of nature's creation.

Young lady, Old tree and Beautiful ruins in Ta Promh.

The tree of life - Tomb Raider

Part of stone carving in the ruins.

- Bayon temple, Seam Reap -
Bayon temple is located inside Angkor Thom - a mighty Khmer empire City dated back to the 12th century. Bayon is very unique due to the design and layout of the temple. No wall surrounded the terrain, and the style is more to buddhist. There will be 4 face sitted on top of every tower in Bayon. I loved Bayon so much!

Local little Cambodian boy resting in Bayon.

Face carved in Bayon temple.

Bayon Temple

Buddha statue sitted in front of Bayon Temple main entrance.

"Same same, but different", this slogan is very popular in Cambodia. Wherever you go, you will hear it, especially when you are bargain price with local Cambodian. Haha! I asked them on the meaning of this sentence and the source of this slogan. But, no one knows about it. Well, who cares?? Same same, but different, right? Hahah ...

Backpacking in Cambodia is very adventurous because you won't know when you wil step on a mine. Well, afterall, I'm back alive. LOL! :D

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