Sunday, December 31, 2006

Movie to share in the end of 2006 .. Sinking of Japan

Sinking Of Japan " Nippon Chinbotsu "

I get a chance to watch this movie before it was officially shown in cinema. Actually i should say, "read" the movie instead of using "watch" as i don't understand Japanese language much. Anyhow, i still enjoy it. At first, i don't expecting much on this movie. Well, i was wrong.

This movie's storyline is getting from a famous novel by Sakyo Komatsu in year 1973. I was impressed with his imagination. He imagined that Japan will be literally sinked result from the collision of 2 tectonic plates causes the one supporting archipelago pulling down to earth. Due to that, Japan will face Volcano, Earthquake, Tsunami (Tidal Wave), Landslide, and other disaster.

I'm glad and happy with the quality of the movie. It gave me a totally different feel compare with Hollywood's movie. US produced disaster movie - more on emphasizing hero / heroin, love story, stunt and action. On the other hand, this movie - more on the caused of disaster and lesser love story.

The best thing about this movie is, i get a step closer to know about Japan's geography e.g. Kyoto, Tokyo, Nagoya and Hokkaido. And, this is the first time i watched Japanese Movie and my girl friend didn't fall asleep. Haha...

I learned that you will never know what will happenned to you and yours tomorrow. Until it arrive, it will be too late for you to do what you have not done. So, just do what you wished to do now, or share your happiness to others once you have a chance to do so. It will make your life better and you will not regret if the day is arrived.

Last but not least, i think this is the best movie in this last month and last day of year 2006. Hope you will enjoy this movie very much like me too.

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