Thursday, November 16, 2006

Back to Jungle ... Serendah

Sekeping Serendah Retreat ... A place to free yourself from the rapid lifestyle in city and to clear your mind. I'm doubt that you will ask "Anything special there?". Can you imagine that you are shower in open-air style toilet, surrounded by trees, insects, closer to the natural environment? This is the place i'm looking for and i would like to thanks to my girl friend for introducing this wonderful place to me.

Due to "Deeparaya" celebration in Malaysia, it took me almost 3 hours to reach here due to traffic in north-south highway terribily jam. In fact, if travel from Kuala Lumpur, i think it can be shorten to 30-40 minutes. To reach here, i would need to passby Malay residencial area and it will lead you to 2 Orang Asli villages then Voala....i'm here!

^ Path to my sheds & pool...

^ Shed that surrounded by tree

^ Mud Shed ... smaller room which can fit up to 4 person

^ Glass Shed

There are 2 types of sheds : Glass Shed & Mud Shed. I chose Glass Shed as it looks a lot more nicer and highly recommended if you are going in group. The first and only reaction i reached the shed is "wow...Wow...WOW..." What a great design !! I didn't know that there are such wonderful & beautiful open-air shed. It looks like a transperant container within a jungle and you can see almost everything outside the shed, on the other word, there is nothing can be hide. The trees is watching you...always.

^ Place to BBQ

^ Kitchen ... Place to do show your cooking skill

^ It's bed time ..............................

^ Nothing can be hide, including bathroom

Another attraction in Sekeping is the swimming pool. This is a Chlorine-Free pool where the water was directed from waterfall and it was flow into this pool after filtered by the basic pool filtering mechanism. I just can't wait to jump into this pool again. I tried it early in the morning, the water isn't cool and it was very clean and green. I can even heard the nature ochestra played by insects with their very special "instrument". Perhaps, this can be describe as the pool of heaven.

Although There are not much activities around this area but i still enjoy here. And i think this is a good place for me to slow down my step and pay more attention with the things surrounded. I can even notice the tiny ant under my feet. Wow...what a good observation i have !!

^ Path to heaven ............................

^ Yeah, Chlorine-free swimming pool

^ Clean, cold waterfall nearby

Ding, ding, ding ... It's dinner time!! Start the fire, prepare all raw foods and let's burn. Well, my friends and i had brought satay chicken, lamb, marinated chicken wings, marinated prawn, frankfurther (hotdog), Fishball, Prawn ball, sweet patatoes, garlic bread, sweet corns, Otak-Otak ...

^ Food, Food, FOOD ..........

^ Hungry? Grab one.

I'm very much enjoy this trip as it make me feel very peaceful. This is a place where I will come again eventhough it is not that cheap. Hope, in near future, i have another chance to come back to this heaven again.

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