Thursday, October 26, 2006

Middle Eastern Cruisine : Al-Diafah Restoran

Never thought that I can find such six star and unique middle eastern restoran in Sri Petaling, named - Al-Diafah Restoran.

This place is enormous. At the entrance, you can find a lot of huge mirrors on the wall and imported pot & cups in the cabinet along the ladder while walked up to the 1st floor. It was a raining days out there but the restoran itself is quite warm. May be i'm too hungry ... It's time to hunt for some food.

As we sat down, the waiters are getting busy to serve us with weird taste Arabic coffee. It taste like water mixed with minyak angin cap kapak plus a bit bitter. They serve it with sweet dates too. Well, never try never know.

Al Diafah's menu is very user friendly as there are a lot of sample photos of each item in menu i.e. Mendy Chicken Al Diafah Rice, Mendy Lamb Al Diafah Rice, Mandy Chicken Mendy Rice, Al Diafah Salad, Falafel, Tomato cuttle fish soup, etc. I'd ordered BBQ Chicken Al Diafah Rice together with my favourite Tomato cuttle fish soup.

Basically, there are 2 kind of rice served with lamb or chicken : Mendy Rice and Al-Diafah Rice. Al-Diafah rice is kind of yellowish oil rice which is cooked with carrot and raisin and fried onion as topping. Mendy rice, on the other hand, is taste like smoke rice and the colour is whiter. Hah!

But i would say the Falafel is a very special dish which i still don't know the proper way to enjoy this cruisine. This dish is serves with 3 bread (like Roti Nan), french fries, brown cookie-looks-a-like dish and with it's sauce. A bit weird huh ... cookies and bread together. hahah!!

Wonder any special dessert there? No worries. Danny, friend of mine, ordered cream of caramel with 4 slices of green apple as topping. The taste of the caramel is sweet and smooth texture together with sour crispy green apple's slice. Taste funny !! But that's make it special.

I wonder why they didn't serve the lamb and chicken rice with vegetables. Due to the dish itself is very dry, i would suggest them to serve the rice with some vegetables to balance it up. Haha ... may be that's the way how middle east people served.

Hmm .... Overall, I think this is the best arabic restoran around PJ area (may be KL) as u can't find any better middle eastern restoran with these special dish ... especially the lamb.


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