Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 2008 New Companion

Shoe, is an important "tools" to everybody anytime and anywhere.
When you are in outdoor activities, you need them.
When you are in indoor activities, you need them.
When you are working, you need them.
When you are doing exercise/sports, you need them.

Even, when you are shopping, you need them, also.

Looking at my current shoes, there are aging.
It means, it's time for another round of shopping. Yeah!
It had been a while since my last shoe shopping with Xx in Malaysia. Huh.....
Well, i decided to get myself a couple of shoe to satisfice my shopping desperation in Taiwan.

My 1st baby: Nike Air Running shoe (TWD1260)
My companion to Run, Jog, travel and also, sometimes for work.

My 2nd Baby: Adidas leisure shoe-Mosswood series (TWD1720)
Just bought it today. Never try out this kind of shoe before.
Hope it will be a good companion of mine for work and shopping.

I'm searching around shoe shops and found that most of leisure shoe (Nike, adidas, new balance, etc) are much too colourful to me. Perhaps that the fashion for new generation teenager, or to be fair to all, i think i'm getting older. Wahahahha! Am i?

P.s. picture above are taken by my lovely sony ericsson phone camera. Not too bad huh!! :)

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Anonymous said...

hey, nice shoes...i like the adidas one more :)